This definitely needs to be a thing. Shots of the cars getting worked on in the service area are always cool. That being said, rally pics are inherently awesome no matter what. » 10/29/14 3:49pm Yesterday 3:49pm

I got the Audi TT as a 100% match and the ever elusive Subaru Impreza WRZ-STi as an 87% match. To round out the top five (out of order) are the Cadillac ATS (99%), Audi A5 (91%) and Mitsu Lancer Evo (90%). » 10/29/14 3:43pm Yesterday 3:43pm

If you have anything that is on the very low end of the range it is better to go with the lighter torque wrench. I had to tighten a banjo fitting on my brakes to 15 ft-lbs so I did it with a 10-150 ft-lb wrench. It was an awkward angle on the backside of the caliper and I never heard or felt it click so I way… » 10/29/14 2:25pm Yesterday 2:25pm

Winter mode was activated on the STI on Monday. The Dunlop WinterSport 3D's were mounted and new wiper blades were installed. New tires were mounted to the truck a couple weeks ago and the snowblower is five minutes away from being mounted on the tractor. Oh how I love thee John Deere Quick Hitch. New work lights were… » 10/29/14 1:47pm Yesterday 1:47pm

I drive a Subaru and I approve of this message. I've also got a soft spot for I-5's and I-6's. The 4.0L that I had in my JGC was bulletproof, and the I-5's just have such a unique sound. You might say that I like the oddities. The character that unusual engine configurations bring to the table is something that makes… » 10/29/14 1:33pm Yesterday 1:33pm

Presented for your derision - vaporware planelopnik edition

I present to you the AWWA "White Elephant Sky Whale" concept. It is a concept of a large passenger jet powered by four hybrid jet engines. They are powered either by burning fuel or by the wind turbines mounted in the wings. Let me repeat that. The hybrid (fuel/electric) jet engines are powered by wind turbines in the… » 10/28/14 9:22am Tuesday 9:22am

I run Dunlop WinterSport 3D's on my STI. My brother-in-law runs studs on his car and says that they are great. I have no problems without studs on mine, so I would say studs/no studs is a tossup. I can't remember what tires he has, but they are on a VW Jetta TDI. » 10/27/14 2:35pm Monday 2:35pm