Awesome article and pictures. I saw your link in a comment today and can't believe that I missed this when it was first posted. Wind tunnels are so cool, especially supersonic/hypersonic wind tunnels. They allow for very cool stuff like Schleiren photography. There was a very cool special edition issue of Air & Space… » 1/28/15 11:24am Yesterday 11:24am

If you throw a code that lights the CEL on a Subaru it will disable the cruise control and flash that light at you. Mine is pre-traction control and SI drive, but I would guess those default to some sort of safe mode and the lights flash to get your attention. I see you got everything to reset by disconnecting the… » 1/27/15 11:54am Tuesday 11:54am

Zil 4904

EDIT: ADDED VIDEO!!!!! So I've posted this in a couple replies today but I think it deserves a spot on the front page. The Zil 4904 is one awesome looking Cold War era Soviet machine. Just look at it, it's beautiful. Besides being beautiful it is damn near unstoppable. This was designed to deal with the vast swaths of… » 1/22/15 2:42pm 1/22/15 2:42pm

I'll go with the Zil 4904. There is enough room in the back to carry plenty of extra fuel and supplies and I don't see anything stopping this. As an added bonus you would be crossing Antarctica in classic Russian style. » 1/22/15 2:21pm 1/22/15 2:21pm

Have you had a chance to get any use out of this yet? I'm curious how it is as I've been looking to replace my laptop since it seems to be approaching death these days. The specs look really nice on these and it is the only laptop I've seen with the SSD/HDD combo without spending $2k or more. » 1/22/15 9:44am 1/22/15 9:44am